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No Regrets

June 21, 2012

At the risk of this on-again off-again… mostly off blog turning into a blog about “What I learned studying abroad” or “Life lessons from a 21 year old college student”, I am going to be rambling about something I learned in life. Also, this may happen again in the near future (provided I keep writing in this thing), but if you don’t want to get random rambles from someone… why are you reading a blog called “absurd rambling”? I’m pretty sure that does a fair job of warning people. Besides I was told that to get the most out of my time in Europe I should reflect on what I learned… so I’m sharing.

On with the show … “no regrets” ,,, what does that phase really entail?

Well up until a year or two ago, I used this phrase in the sense that when I looked back on my life, I didn’t look at my past and see regrets because I knew that everything in my past made me who I am. That’s not to say that there are not things in my past that I think about and just can not believe what a horrible person I was, or that I thought such wretched thoughts, or that I failed to do such simple things for others… the list goes on and on. So… let’s just say life is a growing experience and I prefer to think I’m not the same person I was back then.

Clearly, that sense of the phrase “no regrets” lacks a lot. It is more of an acceptance of the past rather than an actual lack of regretfulness, and it only impacts the past. As we all know, life consists of a past, present and a future. Which means that is only addressing 1/3 of life, poorly at that.

I suppose the significance of this change began when I started to embrace a motto that, perhaps unfortunately, stems from a song by Hillary Duff “Why not?”. Only, in my mind, it’s more of a “Why the *expletive* not?’.

Anyway, this motto has sort of pushed me to do things I wouldn’t otherwise do. The expletive (and a few different ones work) makes it more significant in my mind, in the way that it takes more to rule out something. If it’s something I’m on the fence about and I think, “Why the **** not?” then unless I have a really good reason not to, I figure I should do it. This has led me to studying abroad in Spain, traveling alone in Europe, and even submitting a couple poems to be published by an honor society I’m in. The result from this is that I’m in Spain, have learned and challenged myself a lot while I’ve been here, I’ve traveled through some of Europe and seen and experienced some things that I would have never have experienced had I been traveling with others, and a poem was accepted for publication.

What does this motto have to do with the phrase “no regrets?”

Well, by embracing it as I have, especially while in Europe, I’ve learned to try to live the present with no regrets. To embrace life, “carpe diem” if you will. Because I only have one life to live. Sure, I have a path set in motion to a life that will probably allow me to be content, but I don’t want to be just content. I want to be happy, excited, and to live life as it should be lived!  When I look back at the present, after it has become my past, I don’t want to have regrets. I don’t want to wish I did things differently. Sure, there will probably be things I will wish I could change, but I think it’s best to try to limit that.

Perhaps I took too many philosophy courses this past semester. Perhaps everyone else already knows this. I have absolutely no way of knowing, but I do know that my Dad is right whenever he says that I can do whatever I set my mind to. At least mostly right, I didn’t manage to find The Doctor or the TARDIS while I was in London (if you watch Doctor Who you will get that reference), but I did try and thus… No Regrets.


No pasa nada

June 20, 2012

So, realizing that I basically never write posts… and that idea of a poetry blog basically died… or got shelved… one never knows… it’s time that everyone learns a very important Spanish phrase.

“No pasa nada”

Now, if you’ve studied Spanish before you probably get that it literally translates to something along the lines of “nothing passes” or “nothing happens” … which is true… but lets focus on the real significance of this.

It is a wonderful phrase that has no good translation in English that basically means a combination of “It doesn’t matter” and “Don’t worry about it” … sort of. It’s a bit more significant and there are other translations for those phrases, but it gives you an idea of how the phrase is actually used (at least in Madrid, Spain). It’s rather difficult to explain properly, but it’s a wondrous phrase that everyone should use!

Besides, it’s not just a phrase… in Spain, it’s a way of life (one that I quite enjoy I might add).

Oh, you forgot to do something? No pasa nada… it’ll all be fine.

Oh, you may have potentially failed that course you took in another county? … No pasa nada, life goes on.

Oh, you haven’t turned in that thing you were supposed to turn in at the beginning of the semester and you already took the final? … No pasa nada (especially if the professor says “no te preocupes” and you can turn it in her mailbox. (happened to a friend of mine, true story)

You arrive someplace 20ish minutes (or more) late… no pasa nada … that’s when the Spaniard is probably going to show up anyway (there are exceptions to this though(

Basically anything happens that isn’t ideal… food that you tried to cook turns out a little wonky, you leave something at home… hey, it doesn’t matter … No pasa nada…


The fact that I just tried to explain the significance of this great phrase and you may not care… no pasa nada… I’ll probably just try to use this to explain it to all my friends when I return back to the states… because this phrase will be said by me… a lot.

Hola, from Spain

February 25, 2012

So, it’s been a long time since I made a post and for all I know, no one will read this one. However, I recently have been considering starting a blog for the poetry that I’ve been writing ( I actually can slow down and take some time to think creatively here in Spain) and began thinking about wordpress again.

The whole being-able-to-take-time-to-breathe aspect of my life here in Spain is one that I am sure to miss when I go back to constantly juggling at least 10 things that I need to be doing next semester. Sure, I have school work that I should really be working on ( I have a bit of a procrastination problem sometimes) but I don’t have too much else going on. Besides, when you’re living in another country for a semester … who really wants to do schoolwork?

Answer: No-one.

There are way too many other things to do. Even something as simple as grocery shopping that would normally just be a chore, is an amazing adventure… I may have recently become addicted to grocery shopping here… it’s not my fault .. food here just tastes better… and looks better.

Therefore, I would like to end this post with a letter (una carta if you want the Spanish word for it):

Dear America,

Please catch up to Spain in the deliciousness of the food … especially the pastries!

Thank you,

A student currently in Spain

P.S. Does anyone know where you can find a good neopalitano with chocolate filling or a palmera in the US?

Good-Bye Wisdom … teeth that is.

August 27, 2011

Recently, as in this past Thursday I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed… which judging by the x-ray was a very good thing.

ANYWAY … this leads me to this disclaimer: In case anything in this post makes absolutely no sense, it’s called I’m on medicine and apparently am incapable of properly counting to 6 (which I discovered while trying to figure out when I should take my antibiotic) so, please excuse any typos or other such nonsense.


By the way, getting your wisdom teeth removed is not as bad as people make it out to be. Sure I have been craving some McDonald’s chicken nuggets and can not actually eat any … seeing as moving my mouth that much would hurt …


But that’s alright, it happens I suppose. I do however wish that school didn’t start on Monday … more time to heal would be FANTASTIC …


Which brings me to a few points I should make about the unprofessionalism of the oral surgeon that I went to.

First I should point out that the surgeon himself was quite nice.


To the points!

1. My original appointment was scheduled for this past Monday which “magically” changed to August 2 (when I was out of town) without me even being notified … which is why it ended up being Thursday that I got them removed on.

2. On Thursday I received a phone call about having to change the time of my appointment because the surgeon was stuck on a plane the night before.  (Oh yea did I forget to mention that the whole reason for the original mix up was because he was going to be out of town?)

3. I get to the appointment and read the Privacy Notice … sooooo many typos and mistakes on it. APPARENTLY they bought it from somewhere … that never heard of spellcheck.


Anyway, my mouth is sore and I’m bored …so peace and good luck to all who ever have their wisdom teeth removed … and for those that can eat yummy chicken nuggets … all kinds of jealousy coming from this direction … ALL KINDS.


August 22, 2011

Moving … the task everyone dreads. But how often do people usually move?

Well I honestly don’t know and am currently too lazy to look up any averages. However, if you so feel the need, please do so and let me know. Thanks.


Do you know how often I move?

Well, being a college student who lives away from home I move way too much. For instance, in the past 9ish months I have moved a total of 6 times … SIX!

I moved out of the dorms during the winter break, moved into an apartment at the beginning of the Spring semester, out before summer, in to a dorm for a summer program, out of the dorm, and then back into my apartment. In between all of these I went home, I had no place to stay in town … plus I do like to see my family, especially my adorable nephew.

Needless to say, I am incredibly tired of moving, especially since I moved out of the dorm on Friday, went back home, then moved into my apartment on Sunday. I almost have everything situated, please just ignore the mess that is my desk …

I know it sounds like I’m complaining, I feel like I deserve to, but I really can’t complain I decided to do all of these things.


However, if I were my parents that constantly helped me move I’d be mad … “YOU NEED TO STOP MOVING!  I am not going to drag your stuff back and forth all the time!”


But my parents are much nicer than that … my Dad keeps insisting that it is not a big deal …


All I can say is … I plan on moving all my stuff again in December … is it still not a big deal?

What if I literally moved every month?

Just kidding, I’m way too lazy to do that, not to mention busy.


Good-bye and good luck to all the movers out there!

~To all who stay in one place … can you feel the jealousy radiating out of this screen at you? CAN YOU?!



August 16, 2011

So, here’s the rundown.

It’s been about 3 months since my last post.

Yes, I had/have basically given up on this blog.

My friend, and fellow blogger has told me I should start posting when she posts.

This same friend has convinced me to stop working on a story I started a bit over 2 years ago in order to write this post (which I have finally pulled out of my electronic files).

So, what should I write about?

Should I do a lame catch-up this is what I’ve been doing blog?

Fine … I have been spending my time away from wordpress, trying to pull myself away from the internet so I could have more of an actual life.

I still do not have one … dang it!

I began an attempt of learning how to play the guitar …. but you probably don’t want to listen to me play just yet.

Ok, end of that post … WOW was that a lot of work …

Anyway I’m going to go back to listening music and working on my slightly depressing, slightly optimistic story/novel/writing adventure … I have 50.5 pages … that’s not bad for over 2 years worth of on and off writing … is it?

Why you should judge a book by its cover

May 22, 2011

Since it is the summer, and I am currently jobless … I have of course decided it’s time to read some books!

I am unsure whether I have stated this before, but I LOVE books … seriously I do! In fact I have such  a large collection of books in my room at my parent’s house that it has been described as:

A library with a bed in it.

I am not making that up, someone said this. I have made myself stop purchasing books … well mostly I still by some from time to time. I just can not help it!

(Even though many of the books I own I haven’t even read. It’s quite sad, isn’t it?)

Anyway, to the point of this post. I recently reread a book that I have read several times before (surprisingly it is NOT Harry Potter). Besides the fact that there are few books that I enjoy reading all the way through multiple times, why should this be considered significant?

Well, as I read this book I realized that sometimes it is wise to judge a book by its cover … but I mean this literally. The book that I was reading (The Negotiator by Dee Henderson … in case you care), is a bit torn up. The cover on the spine is beginning to peel away. Some could say that I just don’t take very good care of my books … which may be true … but I choose to believe that it is due to how many times I have read this book. It is simply a really good book.

Thus, from time to time it is alright to judge a book by it’s cover, but only because sometimes something that is well worn  is loved … or at least reread a lot!

I Love BOOKSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!