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Childish Trust

July 30, 2012

The trust of children just amazes me. I was camping with my parents the other day when these random children came up to us as I was trying to buy a drink from a vending machine.  It was a group of sisters, three of them, all on their bikes. At least one still had training wheels.

However, that is not the point. The point is that these three children just came up to us and started talking. (Actually it was a little difficult to disengage from the conversation).  That’s kids for you. Strangers or not, they will trust others. It’s how they make friends and explore the world. It doesn’t matter if they’ve never seen you before or if they will ever see you again. They are just willing to talk to anyone, and just want to have fun.

They trust that you won’t harm them and will be nice.

For example, one of the girls got me to kill what she thought was a wasp that was on her bike. She trusted that I would do so for her.

At what point in life does this trust and openness diminish or disappear?

I’m not sure, but generally speaking, adults don’t talk to everyone they meet. What’s the point? You could be some sort of criminal and if not they will probably never see you again. So, there is no point.


But children, they just don’t care, they just want to enjoy life.


Can I go back to that? Please?!

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