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Power of Ranting

July 12, 2012

Today, I take a break from the whole Europe-changed-my-life topic to talk about something that is more familiar to people… ranting.

Ranting is a rather powerful thing.

It can be used as a cathartic release.

It can be used to make a point (although it may not be the most effective way).

It can even be used to make important decisions.

How can ranting do this?

Well, let me explain with a story (that’s the best type of explanation anyway, isn’t it?)

The other day I was driving my friend home, ranting about there is no way I could manage to do everything that I was planning on doing during the upcoming semester. Literally, there are not enough hours in a week. Anyway amidst all this ranting I realized what it was that I was most willing to give up. I wasn’t really allowing myself to think of quitting it before because I helped to start the student organization, but by the time I made it to her house, I realized that it would add a lot of time commitment and I am not set on doing it. Although I may still go to some meetings, and definitely show my support… there  are other interests I would rather develop, and if I lack the time to do it all (and I’m betting I will) I now know what will be the first thing to go.

All thanks to the power of ranting.

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