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European Fairy Tale

June 24, 2012

In the movies, when a woman goes traveling to or through Europe it generally is a fairy tale of sorts. (Except for movies like Taken… but let’s not think about that too much). You know what I’m talking about… the woman always gets whisked away on some grand, probably romantic adventure. But let’s face reality, shall we? I and my friends have been in Europe for 5 months now… none of us have met our “prince charming”.  Life isn’t a fairy tale. (Even though companies like Disney would like us to believe so.)

Fairy tales don’t exist, and even though princes do exist… movies like Cinderella, Snow White, and The Little Mermaid are absurd on various levels, but I digress.

As nice as it would be for life to become a fairy tale, for everything to fall into place, and yada yada yada… it’s just not going to happen. Life takes work and effort and you have to make your life into the “fairy tale” you want or it just won’t exist.

For my time in Europe that has involved traveling to the places I wanted to see, even if no one wanted to come with me, meeting some pretty awesome people along the way, and challenging myself in more ways than I have been challenged in a long time. I’ve learned that I can make what I want happen, if I try hard enough.  Seeing the Eifel Tower glisten, finding a September 11 memorial in Pompei, Italy, wandering in the first ever national park of Ireland (as well as several other cities), and everything else I’ve done with my time here, all of it went into creating want has been an amazing European adventure.

But you know what it hasn’t been?

A European Fairy Tale.

Besides having been lost, missing trains, etc., the ideal fairy tale involves a Prince Charming, whom I have not met… I guess it could have been the guy in the metro with the flag acting like a matador as I walked by, but I was busy writing in my notebook at the time.

Besides, if it was, I think I prefer to live my life sans a “fairy tale”

… or wait until I find The Doctor and his TARDIS…

whichever works out.

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  1. cboliver22 permalink
    June 24, 2012 10:56 pm

    If I find the Doctor and the TARDIS, I’ll let you have him while I time travel.

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